Transition Cities – The Conference

From the Nottingham conference last week, sounds like an exciting event…


Transition Norwich – Great Unleashing video clip

As earlier posted, the Transition NorwichGreat Unleashing‘ was an inspiring event to attend.  Below is an enjoyable video clip of the evening:

Peak Oil – How Will You Ride the Slide?

Take a look at this wonderful (very short) animation that very neatly illustrates just what we’re facing with Peak Oil

The purpose of Transition Ely, along with all the many other Transition Initiatives, is to plan for and create opportunities to ‘ride the slide’ in a creative, managed and gradual manner.

At this point we are on the plateau shown in the animation, which means we still have time to work together as a community to take stock, build resilience and help make a more sustainable world in which to live.

The Investigation – a major disappointment

I just listened to this week’s The Investigation on Radio 4. Described as ‘Simon Cox investigates the truth behind rising oil prices’ it was a major disappointment.

Cox spends half an hour looking for the culprit behind rising prices. The usual suspects are trundled out for view, i.e: oil producers and futures speculators, all the time ignoring the elephant of Peak Oil standing in the middle of the room knocking the china all over the place.

Most of the programme is spent with Cox buying oil futures, getting nowhere fast.

The most interesting part of the programme is when he talks to Mike Wagstaff of North Sea oil drillers ‘Venture Production‘.

Surprisingly, Wagstaff talks about the ‘end of cheap abundant energy’, oil as a ‘depleting commodity’ and an industry with no spare rigs or engineers on tap for new drilling, all pretty much standard Peak Oil arguments.

All this is blithely missed (or ignored) by Cox who is happier playing the futures market and watching his investment take a dive.

This show could have been a big step forward, helping to bring Peak Oil into the mainstream, an opportunity missed, what a shame.

To make up for this, take a look at Matt Simmons, an energy insider bullishly making the case in the US:

Jeremy Leggett speaking at ASPO 2007

Jeremy Leggett wrote the excellent and highly recommended ‘ Half Gone: Oil, Gas, Hot Air and the Global Energy Crisis’.

Here’s a clip of him speaking at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) conference 2007