Climate Week Drop-in Session Thursday 24 March

Climate Week Drop-in Session, Thursday 24 March 2011

One week to show how we can combat climate change

Transition Ely is planning to hold a drop-in session on Thursday 24 March at the Ely Library Meeting Room between 10:00 and 1:00 to coincide with the General Market.   The public everyone  is invited to watch some short videos and take a look at the displays, take a climate quiz and, most importantly, talk to group members regarding this and related important issues.

This drop-in session is part of Climate Week, 21-27 March, which will be a national occasion that offers a chance to gain a wider understanding of climate change effects and highlight the positive steps being taken or which can be taken to help mitigate it.  Join with Transition Ely to see how the power of real, practical examples  – the small improvements and the big innovations – can help.