Plum Weekend is here!

Plum weekend is 14/15 August.  Events will be held in Bluntisham, Colne and Summersham.  There are activities for young and old but you may need to book a place on some as they are very popular.  To find out more information about this or see the complete schedule, please go to:

I went to the Blossom Walks earlier this year and found them to be fun,informative and inspiring.  What a great and tasty day out!


Food Waste

Food waste is a big problem in the affluent West.  What can be done about it?  The Love Food Hate Waste website is one place to start.   Check out

My number one hint is to plan for the week and make a list to take to the shops.  Things change, meals don’t always happen as we think, but it still means less waste for us.

So what are your helpful hints to prevent food waste?  We’d love to hear them.