‘After Copenhagen’

Here is a short film from www.transitionculture.org¬†about a recent event in Totnes, where people involved in Transition Town Totnes who had been in Copenhagen for COP15 and the Klimaforum shared their experiences. Touching and honest, it speaks to the ‘inner transition’ as well as the practicalities of lower Co2 living.


Jeff Rubin at the Business of Climate Change Conference

Jeff Rubin, the former Chief Economist of CIBC World Markets and the author of Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller built his reputation as one of Canada’s top economists based on a number of successful predictions including the housing bust of the early 90s and the rise of oil prices. In his recent book, Mr. Rubin predicts $225 per barrel oil by 2012 and with it the end of globalization, a movement towards local sourcing and a need for massive scaling up of energy efficiency.

This is an exciting integration of Peak Oil, Climate Change, and economics, by an economist. Interesting that the conclusions are very close to those of Transition.