Sutton Grapevine

People who know Sutton-in-the-Isle are invited to contribute to a community storytelling and sharing project, Sutton Grapevine.

Created by arts organisation Proboscis and commissioned by ADeC, the project is asking you to share your experience of Sutton-in-the-Isle and the surrounding fenlands whether you live there now or live away, have recently arrived, visited once or pass through on your way to work.

As the region continues to change through internal migration and immigration the initiative aims to let local people explore place and identity.

Proboscis invite people who have memories, experiences, thoughts and stories about Sutton-in-the-Isle to feed them into the Grapevine via a series of events in the village, at the Babylon Gallery and on, gathering and sharing stories of everyday life about Sutton and the surrounding areas.

Proboscis will in roving around Sutton between in June gathering stories. They will be back during Sutton Feast Week from the 1st – 5th July with an exhibition and audio broadcasts at St Andrews Church.

See or 020 7490 0880 or drop into Babylon Gallery, Ely for more details and to get involved.