Online Video club – May is food security month

Tim Lang’s ten ‘new fundamentals’

Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University, member of the government’s Sustainable Development Commission and president of Garden Organic, is the leading UK researcher on food security.

In the last 30-40 years there has been enormous investment in what is called efficiency. That means there is no spare.

The food system is like a fully stretched rubber band,  If it breaks, there would be a sharp rebound.  I don’t think a systemic failure is imminent but it is very vulnerable to shocks.

They could be technical shocks, ecological shocks or human disease shocks. We don’t have a sustainable UK agriculture base at the moment and we need one

In these videos Tim Lang highlights ten of his “new fundamentals”



Climate change





Nutrition transition

Health care costs

Battles of power

Tim Lang’s new book is “Food Policy: Integrating health, environment and society” buy it from Toppings, your local Ely book shop.

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