Age of Stupid at the Maltings

Make sure you don’t miss The Age of Stupid showing at The Maltings on May 24th, see our events page for more information.

Just to whet your appetites, here’s a trailer for the much talked-about film:


2 Responses

  1. This was a great film
    a bit on the glum side but necessary for certain people to take wake up and note

    I said more on it here

  2. Well if you liked AoS, you’ll revisit the broader HOME film on the World Environment Day website many times.

    This is a very thorough exposition of human impacts on the planet emphasizing our depletion of resources of all kinds: energy, water, air, climatic balance, ocean life, forests, soil and biodiversity. Unlike AoS, Home acknowledges that we are refusing to believe we are at the end of easy oil; it also covers the resource curse, poverty, distribution, displacement and population. The parallels with Easter Island get a mention.

    Supported with facts and figures, this is a very refined film with absolutely breathtaking photography. It ends on a positive message: that it is now too late to be a pessimist; it’s not about what’s gone, but about the solutions lie in what remains. Giving examples of what could be done, it asks what we are waiting for ?

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