Transition Ely online video club – April 2009

April is Permaculture video month!

Practical Permaculture in Britain – Part 1

Practical Permaculture in Britain documentary by Malcolm Baldwin

Practical Permaculture in Britain – Part 2

Bullock Brothers Homestead – A 25 Year Permaculture Project

A tour with Joe, Doug and Sam Bullock on their Orcas Island homestead, site of a yearly Permaculture design course. Using nature as their model, they create edges and wildlife habitat, move water through the landscape, promote diversity, and raise an astonishing variety of plants from sub-arctic to tropical

City Repair – Permaculture for Urban Spaces

What happens when citizens apply permaculture principles to a city grid? They create friendly places within the grid that invite people to come together. Mark Lakeman, co-founder of Portland, Oregon’s City Repair Project describes these “creative intervention” projects as placemaking at its best.

People learn to work together, build trust and have fun. The results, from painted intersections to cob benches and other organic structures, invite people “to inhabit the planet on our own terms” rather than the imposed grid-locked culture of the city.

Are you interested in Permaculture and how it can help in the gradual descent from a carbon-based world?  Get in touch with us at Transition Ely.


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