Transition Ely online video club – April 2009

April is Permaculture video month!

Practical Permaculture in Britain – Part 1

Practical Permaculture in Britain documentary by Malcolm Baldwin

Practical Permaculture in Britain – Part 2

Bullock Brothers Homestead – A 25 Year Permaculture Project

A tour with Joe, Doug and Sam Bullock on their Orcas Island homestead, site of a yearly Permaculture design course. Using nature as their model, they create edges and wildlife habitat, move water through the landscape, promote diversity, and raise an astonishing variety of plants from sub-arctic to tropical

City Repair – Permaculture for Urban Spaces

What happens when citizens apply permaculture principles to a city grid? They create friendly places within the grid that invite people to come together. Mark Lakeman, co-founder of Portland, Oregon’s City Repair Project describes these “creative intervention” projects as placemaking at its best.

People learn to work together, build trust and have fun. The results, from painted intersections to cob benches and other organic structures, invite people “to inhabit the planet on our own terms” rather than the imposed grid-locked culture of the city.

Are you interested in Permaculture and how it can help in the gradual descent from a carbon-based world?  Get in touch with us at Transition Ely.


East Anglian Transition gathering in Downham Market

On Saturday 7th March, 50 people from 12 East Anglian Transition cities, towns and villages met to talk, plan, network and celebrate.

The towns represented were:

  • Eccles
  • Bungay
  • Cambridge
  • Dereham
  • Diss
  • Downham Market and villages
  • Ely
  • Ipswich
  • King’s Lynn
  • Norwich
  • Mundesley
  • Woodbridge
  • Wymondham

View a map of East Anglian Transition Towns

East Anglian Transition gathering March 2009 - Group shot of East Anglian Town people

For the morning session we used Open Space technology and quickly set up an agenda with x workshops:

East Anglian Transition gathering March 2009 - Ideas and suggestions for the Open Space sessions

The choice of subjects was eclectic, mirroring the different needs and experiences of the cities, towns and villages present:

East Anglian Transition gathering March 2009 - Open Space sessions

Once we’d decided which group to join we set off for the designated meeting rooms. Naturally, I scurried off to the ‘Food’ group.

East Anglian Transition gathering March 2009 - Food meeting

After the Open Space sessions we all sat down for a well deserved lunch, cooked and served up by our excellent hosts from Downham Market. The food was delicious!

In the afternoon we all took part in a World Cafe session (additional info on World Cafe’s).

East Anglian Transition gathering March 2009 - World Cafe

The idea behind the World Cafe is to explore questions. A group of four or five sit together and talk through a topic, taking notes on the paper table cloth.

East Anglian Transition gathering March 2009 - World Cafe and questions

After the World Cafe we came together as a group and began feeding back our thoughts and impressions of the day. Gary from Transition Diss announced the launch of a online networking community for East Anglian Transition Towns (‘Transition East), check back here for more on this.

All in all, it was an excellent event, great for networking, building links and sharing ideas. My thanks and admiration go out to our friends from Downham Market (and villages) for hosting the day.

Looking forward to the next one, in six months time.

(Thanks to Josiah from Transition Bungay for some of the photos!)

Transition Ely online video club – March 2009

There’s a whole bunch of good video clips for us to watch this month.

Matt Harvey on Transition Towns

Poet, funny man and broadcaster Matt Harvey takes a look at the Transition Town movement. He talks to Transition people in Totnes, Stroud and Brixton.

Interview with Dmitry Orlov

Dimitry Orlov is the author of ‘Reinventing Collapse‘.  In his book, Orlov examines the  the demise of the Soviet Union, comparing it to today’s United States and offers insights into how we might prepare for coming events. His blog is well worth reading, this recent post in particular.

To finish on a more hopeful note…

Natural World – A Farm for the Future

Recently shown on BBC2, this is a wonderful programme on energy, food and agriculture

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

Low Carbon Industrial Strategy

cover of Low Carbon Industrial Strategy

cover of Low Carbon Industrial Strategy

The government has published its Low Carbon Industrial Strategy online and are inviting comments.

Make your voice heard here: