Transition East Anglia…

Slowly but surely, East Anglia is turning into a Transition hotbed!

Norwich – holding their ‘great unleashing’ on 1st October with Rob Hopkins giving a talk.  Five of us from Transition Ely will be in attendance and very excited by the prospect we are too.

Cambridge – very active, their ‘World Cafe’ sounds fun, must get down there for a cuppa one day soon

Bungayholding a ‘food conference’ in November, we’ll be there


Downham Market – Just made contact with our neighbours up the train track, will see them in Norwich on the 1st October.

Mundesley – Just getting going…

Check out our map of East Anglian Transition Initiatives

Anymore?  Let us know!


2 Responses

  1. I’d like to contact anyone interested in trying to get a Cromer Transition Group up and running.

    Please contact Jim Spiller

  2. Anyone interested in a Shotley/ Shotley Peninsula group please get in touch

    Sarah Wilde

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