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Peak Oil, Climate Change and the City of Ely

The two biggest challenges facing Ely at the start of the 21st century are Climate Change and Peak Oil.

Climate Change is well documented and very visible, Peak Oil, on the other hand, is unknown to most people. Yet Peak Oil, heralding the era of ever-declining fossil fuel (i.e. oil, gas, petrol etc), availability, may well challenge the economic and social stability that is essential if we are to deal with the threats posed by Climate Change.

One response to Peak Oil and Climate change is the Transition Network. The Transition Network encompasses a growing number of towns and cities across the UK working together to:

  • reduce their reliance on fossil fuels,
  • minimise their carbon footprint and,
  • increase their ability to withstand the potentially far-reaching changes that will accompany Peak Oil, energy depletion and climate change.

The Transition Network recognises that:

  • Climate change and Peak Oil require urgent action
  • It better to plan for life with less energy than be taken by surprise
  • We have lost much of the know-how to cope with a serious energy shortage
  • We have to act together as a community
  • Infinite growth within a finite system (such as our planet) isn’t possible

Transition Ely wants to engage all of our community in a positive response to an uncertain future.

We will to work in partnership with a diverse network of groups, organizations and individuals from all sections of Ely.

We aim to facilitate inclusive, creative and pro-active responses to energy depletion and climate change, with the ultimate aim of an ‘Energy Descent Plan’ plan for Ely.